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Our experienced operators and wide range of equipment make quick, precise work of almost any excavation project, including complete house site prep, hobby farm and estate projects, driveway preparation, sidewalks, patios, ponds and more. Site servicing, storm water management, and drainage are in our wheelhouse.  Increase the square footage of your home by adding onto your kitchen, adding a sunroom, or excavating your basement or crawlspace for higher ceilings.  Alltask’s basic equipment lineup includes excavators, mini-excavators, dozers, skidsteers and dump trucks, along with specialized equipment that ensures the job gets done correctly and efficiently. For precision excavating, also note our additional information on Precision Laser Grading.

If you have a wet basement and feel like you are out of options, give us a call. Alltask may have a solution that doesn’t involve digging up your foundation.

Alltask is also prepared to take care of certain types of excavation for environmental cleanup and haulage.  Give us a call.

We will quote jobs, or have equipment and experienced operator on site for an hourly fee.


Minis provide unrivaled advantages for backyard excavation, including their ability to access tight spaces and reduce yard damage. They are perfect for foundations, ponds, rock handling and drainage or water management projects.


Our Roto-tilt® 360° Rotating Buckets allow remarkable accuracy in grading and precision excavations. Able to turn a full circle, they give the operator full control to finish any job off with a fine touch.


With Rock Thumbs, we can move and place rocks and other items exactly where you want them, without unnecessary damage.


Conveyors and mini excavators make the perfect team for removing dirt from backyard excavations. Conveyors work efficiently in tight quarters and leave your lawn virtually undamaged.

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