Rainwater Harvesting



We have had significant experience with rainwater harvesting systems, both large and small.  We can help with planning for your needs for both outdoor use, or industrial re-use.  Factors to consider are:

Regional typical rainfall.  Roof area.  Available storage space (above and below ground). Potential usage volume requirement. Pumping system size (what are you using the water for?). Electrical requirements. Municipal top-up (if required). Storage above or below ground. Storage size. Inflow (number of downspouts and size). Outflow(sized appropriately to accommodate all of the inflow).  Outflow location.  First flush diverter if required.  Treatment or filtration required which will depend on your application of the captured water.  There are many items that need to be addressed when designing a system that is actually going to do what you want when it is done, and we’ve got an app for that…..actually, we don’t, but we do have a guy….

Pictures to follow.  Email info@alltask.ca for any questions that you may have.