Bringing a year round FRESH water supply to horse paddocks requires pipes to be buried deep enough to prevent freezing.  We can trench in lines to anywhere you like, and can install manual hydrant style outlets, or by bringing electrical to the paddocks as well, we can install insulated automatic waterers that ensure your horses stay healthy with fresh water, no matter the time of year.  Call for more information.  Alltask also provides grading services for equestrian riding arena installations, and can provide experienced advice on indoor or outdoor dust suppression systems as well.


Dust suppression, or ground-wetting systems generally require a high volume of water to reach all the way across riding arenas.  For this reason, you will typically need to have a storage tank installed (above or below ground), with a 2HP or larger pump.  The cisterns do not need to be terribly large since the actual volume of water for wetting isn’t huge.  Special consideration also needs to be taken for suppression systems that are run in cold barns during the winter to ensure no freezing occurs.  Call us and we can help.  We have experience with just about every type of system.

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